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You can see Sian now on Youtube!
- throwing a teapot,
accompanied with Bach cello music
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All teapots displayed here are unique.
They are hand carved or hand painted.
You buy just the individual teapot pictured.

My first passion was playing tea parties with my dolls we had a collection of tiny teapots and cups and saucers
made from china just perfect for my tea parties (I still have the collection).  
This was the beginning of my interest in ceramics, which lead to me study at East Sydney Tech in the 1980’s.
Today I love making teapots and looking for the perfect shape.
When I think I have it another idea begins. I like to think my teapots are full of hot tea every day.
The teapots are all hand thrown then carved or slip cast hand painted
I have four coloured glazes Mint,Honey and Royal blue all are fired in oxidation.

    Clarice Teapots

"Whoops No tea leaves"


Wheel Thrown Teapots

Royal Blue Gothic Pattern


Square Teapots

Mint Hand carved spring


Old English Teapots

Hand painted Bells pattern




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