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Plastic bucket with 20cm holes around the base.

The lid sit neatly on top of the plastic lid which you can tied together for easy access.


Terracotta lid in Herb garden. $30 each.


PLASTIC BUCKET WITH BASE CUT OUT wholes (50cent piece size)

Beautiful terracotta lids for free range worm farms

Free Range Worm farm is the best system that I have found for compost.  There is no fuss with turning the compost or moving it within my garden.
The worms do all the work.
I have now 8 worm farms through out my garden. The kitchen waste is recycled faster then in a compost bin.
It you go to YouTube (Inga’s free range worm farm).  There are many different methods explained. I found Inga’s the best.  
I also discovered that if you dig a bucket in, the worms come all by themselves; there is no need to buy special worms.
The garden worms need no special bedding, as this is their natural environment:
If you build a farm the worms will come!
It is always best to look at your own garden to adapt this system to suit your garden. The instruction when I first learned about this system I found, didn’t suit my garden, e.g.: I found that just a 10 litre bucket was deep enough for my garden, as any deeper was just digging into sandstone. (Instructions attached below)
The only problem I found was the white bucket looked horrible in my garden so I have made terracotta lids, which blend into the garden beds nicely.  
The lid protects the worms also from sunlight.


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